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9th Grade – 12th Grade

Location: Youth room
Teacher: Dr. Robert A. Singer

Adult classes

Young Adults

Location: Fellowship Hall
Teachers: John and Teresa Kirk

Why do you believe what you believe? Open to college students and other young adults.

Timothy class

Location: Albin Addition, room 2
Teacher: Marvin Ball

The Timothy Sunday School class is studying through Ezekiel 33-39, which contains:
(1) God’s mission to the prophet Ezekiel,
(2) God’s explanation of the causes of the captivity and suffering of the Jewish people,
(3) God’s promise for the punishment of Israel’s enemies,
(4) God’s promise for the return of the Jews to Israel,
(5) God’s promise for the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people,
(6) God’s promises relative to a massive attack on Israel, and
(7) God’s promise to defeat the attackers and restore Jewish people to faith and peace.

These studies should help believers:

  • To reinforce understanding of a most reassuring truth – that God knows and controls the events that will take place on Earth
  • To increase understanding of Ezekiel, the “major” prophet that most Christians know least well
  • To gain an overall perspective of some of the key events of unfulfilled prophecy
  • To gain a proper perspective of the world events in the news today
  • To see that God’s activities depend only on His nature and on His plan
  • To understand the foundation of hope for true peace – for Israel and for the world

In the >2,500 years since God spoke through Ezekiel, world events have never been as close to the descriptions of Ezekiel 33-39 as they are today… there has never been as much interest in Biblical prophecy as there is today… and there has never been as much false information about the future as there is today.

For many people in our community, prophecy may be the door through which they can enter into eternal salvation.

We examine God’s revelation of the future, so we will know how to be faithful today.

Cornerstone and Barnabas classes

Location: Albin Addition, room 3
Teacher: Russ Wayland

The Cornerstone and Barnabas classes are combined for the summer.